3 Secrets Hiding Right Under Your Nose

Meat Mouth

  • SECRET 1: Cavities

    What your teeth say you should eat.

  • SECRET 2: Crooked Teeth

    Why our ancestors didn't have crooked teeth.

  • SECRET 3: Fatty Tongue

    How a fatty tongue can ruin your sleep.

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Meat Mouth

Meat Mouth

The 3 Diet Secrets Hiding Right Under Your Nose

The mouth holds the secrets to the proper human diet, a diet that has got lost in time and become clouded in mystery. 

9 out of 10 dentists don't know these secrets.

In this Keynote Presentation you'll discover the lost secrets that have been hiding right under your nose.

In Secret #1, you'll discover why we get cavities and what our teeth say we should eat. 

In Secret #2, I'll reveal the mystery of why our ancestors didn't get crooked teeth.

In Secret #3, you'll find out what causes a "Fatty Tongue" that ruins sleep and overall health.

Bonus Content

  • The Missing Slides

    Due to time restrictions, the final slides had to be omitted. Here you'll get access to the missing slides where Dr. Stock shows you how to use the lost secrets to your health advantage.

  • Meat Mouth Blueprint

    You'll get access to the Meat Mouth Blueprint, your cheatsheet to a Meat Mouth and fast-tracking your way to oral and overall health.

  • Live Q and A

    Dr. Stock answers burning questions about root canals and implants, periodontal disease, snoring, sleep apnea, mouth taping, sleep tests, grinding and clenching, and dental calculus.

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Dr. Kevin Stock


Dr. Kevin Stock is a leading advocate and authority on meat-based diets with over two decades of nutrition research. Tens-of-thousands of people have used his educational resources to transform their bodies, cure diseases, and reclaim their health.

He is the founder and CEO at Meat Health.

As an active writer and researcher, Kevin shares his findings in his “Saturday 7″ newsletter, which has become one of the fastest growing newsletters in the world.

Kevin Stock

Lead Instructor

Meat Mouth: Keynote Presentation


What your teeth say you should eat!