About the Mentorship Program

The right mentor is often the fastest, surest way to successful transformation

The Meat Health Mentorship Program is designed to Certify Meat Health Mentors and match them to Meat Health Academy students.

This is the ultimate Win-Win.

The student wins getting matched with a Meat Health Mentor, a certified expert having completed Meat Health Academy and passed the Certification Exam.

You, the Mentor win, getting client referrals to grow your health coaching business. You will also be listed on the Meat Health website among just a few with a Meat Health Certification where people looking for 1-on-1 help can find a trusted authority - You.

Plus, as a Meat Health Mentor you get automatic partnership with Meat Health Academy with the ability to earn referral revenue for anyone you refer to Meat Health Academy (another win-win). 

And while we recommend coaching to the principles taught in Meat Health Academy, once you are referred a client, you are the coach. Your approach, individualized strategies, and schedule/fees are your decision.

The Meat Health Mentorship Program wants to help coaches build and sustain a thriving coaching business via referring clients to you and earning revenue on referrals to Meat Health Academy.

The Meat Health Mentorship program has limited availability. But if you have completed Meat Health Academy and want to start or grow your coaching business, become a Certified Meat Health Mentor.

What's Included in the Mentorship Program

  • Certification

    Certification requires completing Meat Health Academy and passing the Certification Exam. Passing the rigorous examination and gaining certification instills trust in future clients who desire a coach with a Meat Health Certification.

  • Mentorship Matching

    Meat Health Mentors are referred Meat Health Academy students who looking for personalized 1-on-1 coaching. The matching program is the ideal way to start and grow your health coaching business.

  • Affiliate Partnering

    Certified Meat Health Mentors get to partner with Meat Health Academy and earn referral revenue. Mentors will get a unique affiliate code that they can use to earn referral commissions.

Dr. Kevin Stock


Dr. Kevin Stock is a leading advocate and authority on meat-based diets with over two decades of nutrition research. Tens-of-thousands of people have used his educational resources to transform their bodies, cure diseases, and reclaim their health.

He is the founder and CEO at Meat Health.

As an active writer and researcher, Kevin shares his findings in his “Saturday 7″ newsletter, which has become one of the fastest growing newsletters in the world.

Kevin Stock

Lead Instructor

Who is Meat Health Mentorship for?

  • Meat Health Academy Students: In order to become a Meat Health Mentor you have to complete the Meat Health Academy program. Once complete you are eligible for taking the Mentorship Certification Exam. NOTE: Completing Meat Health Academy does not guarantee access to the Mentorship Program due to limited Mentorship availability.

  • Health Coaches, Healthcare Professional, Personal Trainers, Health Influencers: Whether a seasoned health coach, personal trainer, healthcare professional or health influencer becoming a Certified Meat Health Mentor will get you clients, demonstrate expertise, and grow your business and revenue.

  • "Side Hustle": Some of the best health coaches are those without "formal training" but self-educated, n=1 successes. If your personal success has cultivated a passion to help and share this with others, becoming a Meat Health Mentor is a fantastic way to change lives and make money doing it.

Meat Health Mentorship

Limited Spots Available